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About the Owner

The owner of Dragon Under Glass is an ass-kicking, award-winning writer who has been hired to write scripts and has optioned and sold original work.

She has won and placed in finals and quarterfinals in national screenwriting and television writing competitions, including two separate Scriptapalooza contests.

She specializes in science fiction and action scripts, but she has been published or hired to write in many different genres and media, including television, feature films, shorts, comics, magazines, video games, role playing games, Web sites, and books.

Clients include Marvel Television Studios, Amazon Studios, Discovery Channel, Zenescope Entertainment, Stormfront Films, Quicksilver Software, Silver Leaf Books, and Eastman Street Productions.

She also writes creative technology educational pieces. Her books (like ColdFusion for Mad Scientists and Java for Mad Scientists) have been used by major organizations, including NASA. No mad scientists were harmed in the production of the books.

About Dragon Under Glass

Quality Writing, Production, and Technology Services

Dragon Under Glass began as a freelance writing services company which expanded to technology services to fit clients' needs.

Here There Be Dragons

The dragon has been both a positive and negative symbol throughout many cultures. Here, we focus on the positive.

At Dragon Under Glass, the dragon is a metaphor for creativity.

The glass encasing the dragon represents the lens that focuses creativity--the lens of the eye, of the camera, or of the monitor screen.

Dragon Under Glass strives to bring creativity into focus for you.

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